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From the Software Design Gallery (Essay) Object Oriented Programming Design
3. The History of Programming (3) - Sub Routine
4. The History of Programming (4) - Variable Name 5. The History of Programming (5) - Local Variable   new!
Object Oriented Language COOL ver2
Programing Style CERT βver.
Classification by Object and Operation
Automatic Tools' Download Technology Reference
Archives Folderizer 1.3   update!
Knowledge Take! 2 β1.2
Knowledge Look! 1.2
Open Sourced Library
Dynamic HTML Sample Collection
Online Communication Home Page Update Information
Online Meeting Room   update!
Open Src. Bug Fix Campaign   update!
Enquete Room (future)
Archives Folderizer updated to ver 1.3. It become to be able to open the archive file named Japanese. (01.Sep.00)

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